Man held on $500,000 bond in suspected murder case

When arrested and charged with a crime in Arizona, defendants have the right to understand the charges against them and the evidence used that led to those charges. These are some of the details that may not be available or released in public reports that appear in the media. This is part of how the public can often be led by the media to draw conclusions about cases or defendants that may not always be true.

In a recent situation involving an adult male and his father, reports suggest that the son killed the dad yet that is not really known. Additionally, even if that ends up being true, the reason or reasons that such a thing may have happened are not at this time know. For example, the son may have been defending himself yet that is not at all addressed in the news reports.

What is known is that the father was found dead in his Scottsdale home and appears to have been stabbed from behind multiple times. Plastic bags had been put over his head as well. The son who was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder is actually the one who called the police. Accounts indicate that officers made multiple visits to the family’s home over a seven-month period between 2011 and 2012 in response to potential domestic violence incidents

The lack of clarity around evidence, suspected motives and consequences is just part of what people may be able to get help with by talking to an attorney after a criminal arrest in Arizona.

Source: AZ Central, “Police: Scottsdale man arrested in murder of dad, 73,” Tyler Paley, Dec. 15, 2016