Misconduct involving weapons in Arizona

While our nation’s and state’s laws protect your right to own guns or other weapons, there do remain laws that govern when and where you may have or use weapons in Arizona. Without proper understanding of the law, it may be easy for you to inadvertantly be in violation of a law and even be charged with misconduct involving weapons. Following are a few things that may result in this type of charge.

According to the Arizona Legislature, if you are carrying a weapon that may be considered deadly in your vehicle and it is not in view, this may lead to it being deemed concealed and this is a violation of the law. However, if your vehicle is on your personal property or the owned or leased property of your legal guardian, grandparent or parent, this may not be a violation of law.

You are not allowed to carry guns or other weapons at a voting location or at a school. It is also illegal to fail to admit to law enforcement officers that you are carrying a weapon if they directly ask if you are. If you know someone who is not legally allowed to possess a weapon, you could be charged with a crime if you sell or otherwise supply that person with a knife, gun or other type of deadly weapon.

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