Arizonan first to receive clemency by President

People in Arizona who are arrested and charged with drug crimes can be understandably fearful about the types of penalties they may face if they are ultimately convicted of a crime. Even if convicted, it is important to remember that the judicial system does allow for some opportunities to change sentences. This may come through the appeals process for some people. For others, a presidential pardon can be like a gift that may be life-changing.

Such is the case for one Arizona resident today. He is the only person to be granted clemency by the current President who is not letting his lame-duck status stop him from taking important actions in his final days as President. In mid December, 231 people were given a second chance thanks to his actions.

The Arizonan was convicted of posession with the intent to distribute marijuana in 2008. His original sentence would have seen him spend 30 years in prison. Now, thanks to the President he will look forward to release just before Christmas next year in 2018, only 10 years after his conviction. It is not known if he will serve a probation or parole sentence once released or if his case will simply be completed after December 2018.

Defendants accused of drug crimes such as the possession, distribution or the manufacturing of a substance might find it helpful to talk with an attorney. This can give them the chance to ask questions and learn more about the law and the defense process.

Source: KTAR, “Obama grants clemency to Arizona man convicted of marijuana possession,” Dec. 19, 2016