Distracted driving and ignition interlocks

Arizona residents who are arrested for suspected drunk driving should educate themselves about the types of penalties associated with these offenses. In addition to the criminal sanctions that may occur if a person is convicted, drivers may be subject to administrative penalties associated with their right to drive. In some cases, drivers may be required to install and use ignition interlock devices in order to retain or reinstate their driving privileges.

As explained by Intoxalock, an IID manufacturer, this device maintains a lock on an ignition and only allow a vehicle to be started once a driver passes a breath test. However, what many people may not know is that subsequent tests are also required once a vehicle has been started and while a person is actively driving. Called rolling retests, these tests aim to prevent people from driving while drinking.

How do IIDs work and what is the process like for taking a test? A driver must follow the instructions displayed on the device’s screen as to when to commence a test or if a subsequent attempt is needed. The driver must also hold the unit in his or her hand when providing a breath sample. And, clearly the driver must pay careful attention to all test requests and instructions in order to comply with the requirement.

Understanding this, it is hard not to see that the use of ignition interlock devices while driving really is distracted driving. According to distraction.gov, the most serious distractions for drivers are those that take a person’s eyes, hands and mind off of the act of driving.