Multiple officers facing discipline in Arizona

For what it is worth, it is important for Arizona residents accused of crimes to remember that such things can and do happen to anyone – even o tmembers of law enforcement agencies themselves. In addition, it is not only criminal consequences that may be of concern to defendants but the potential for other sanctions imposed by professional governing bodies.

Four examples of this can be seen today as the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board prepares to review cases involving former officers from different law enforcement groups around the state. One man who had been a deputy with the Cochise County Sheriff’s department facing discipline for his admitted use of two prescription medications while on the job. He is said to have used the drugs for a period of roughly 18 months. A former police officer in Oro Valley may be disciplined for participating in sexual activity while on the job. His police department phone was also allegedly used for thousands of sexually related communications.

Alcohol is the root of the issue for two other issues. A Brisbee police officer has since had his certification revoked after being found intoxicated while on duty. Another officer in Tucson has been convicted of an extreme drunk driving charge. Two other officers who were passengers in his car have served suspensions.

Clearly the loss of employment and potential for additional penalties can weigh heavily on defendants. For this reason, it may be helpful to talk with an attorney after an arrest to understand the full scope of the situation.

Source:, “Arizona police licensing board hears cases on DUI, sexting, drug use on duty,” Caitlin Schmidt, Jan. 25, 2017