Gun carry laws on school grounds in Arizona

Gun laws in Arizona may sometimes be difficult to understand as there can be very small things that make the difference between something being legal and being illegal. Carrying or possessing a gun near or on school grounds is one of those things. 

According to the National Rifle Association of America, the state of Arizona does not require people to have a permit to carry a handgun, shotgun or a rifle. This law stands for both concealed carry of a weapon as well as open carry of a weapon. Similarly, Arizona residents do not need to obtain licenses before purchasing these types of weapons nor do they need to register their purchases with the state or any other organization. However, this does not mean that guns can be taken just anywhere, anytime.

As explained by the City of Phoenix police department, elementary and secondary school properties are areas where gun carry is monitored. Unloaded weapons in vehicles may be allowed if carried by persons over the age of 18. If an adult with a gun in a car or other vehicle wishes to leave the vehicle, the weapon must be locked away so that it cannot be seen by passers by and kept free of any ammunition.

Some allowances are provided for having guns on campuses if for educational purposes and may even extend to minors as well as to adults. It is important for people to know that while municipalities cannot develop their own gun carry restrictions, individual school boards can.