Six charges dropped for conviction on one DUI charge

Being arrested for a drunk driving offense in Arizona can be a scary proposition, especially with the severity of the penalties that may be experienced if a person is ultimately convicted. However, it is important for people in this situation to remember that they have the right to a proper defense and that simply being arrested does not necessarily mean a conviction will result.

The case of a professional football player is one recent example of this. The man is said to have been discovered by officers in Scottsdale sleeping in his vehicle at an intersection a couple of months ago. His blood alcohol content was measured at more than 0.21 percent. He was eventually charged with seven criminal offenses including extreme DUI. The man was able to complete his football season after his original team let him go two days after his arrest.

Since then, he entered into a plea bargain in which he was convicted of one charge of extreme DUI in exchange for the six other charges against him being dropped. As part of his sentence, he will spend three-and-a-half weeks in jail in Scottsdale. Upon his release, he will complete his 120-day sentence in home detention. Fines and community service were also part of the sentence. It is not known if his driver’s license was suspended or revoked or if he will need to use an ignition interlock device or not.

After being arrested, Arizona residents may wish to consult with a lawyer as this may offer then insight into options for their defenses.

Source: Bleacher Report, “Michael Floyd sentenced on DUI charge from December arrest,” Mike Chiara, Feb. 17, 2017