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Impaired driving arrests over holidays

Arizona residents know that municipal and state law enforcement agencies are constantly on the lookout for what they believe may be impaired drivers on the roads. Certainly it is important to keep the public safe but equally important is protecting the rights of those accused of crimes.

Options for child support enforcement in Arizona

If you're an Arizona parent facing serious challenges regarding obtaining child support for your children after a divorce, you are not alone. In fact, numerous government website pages publicize photographs and information about parents deemed negligent in their child support obligations. These types of programs exist to help locate delinquent payors to bring them to justice when warranted.

Manslaughter charges in Arizona

Have you ever wondered what might lead a person to be charged with manslaughter in Arizona or how a manslaughter charge might differ from a murder charge? You are likely not alone and if you or someone you know faces these charges, it will be helpful to understand them.

NFL player charged with DUI, robbery and more

It might seem that sometimes professional athletes or other celebrities are either immune from the long arm of the law or that any incidents in which they are allegedly involved become potentially bigger than they really were. When reading or hearing reports, it can often be difficult to tell which may be the case. Either way, the reality is that anyone can face criminal charges regardless of celebrity status or lack thereof.

What is the eye test for drunk driving?

If you are among the many people arrested for and charged with a drunk driving offense in Arizona, you should be working to educate yourself about your options for a good defense. It is important at this time to remember that a defense is your right. One area that may offer opportunities for you is any potential error made during the arrest process, including an inaccurate testing procedure or result.