Impaired driving arrests over holidays

Arizona residents know that municipal and state law enforcement agencies are constantly on the lookout for what they believe may be impaired drivers on the roads. Certainly it is important to keep the public safe but equally important is protecting the rights of those accused of crimes.

When wondering how many people may face drunk driving or drugged driving charges in Arizona, it can be interesting to review data from holidays as these times may see an increase in enforcment and patrol. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has released some numbers about arrests in Arizona for the recent St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Statewide, 68 people were charged with drugged driving and 309 have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor drunk driving offenses.

In addition, some people were arrested and charged wtih more serious impaired driving offenses including extreme driving under the influence or aggravated driving under the influence. For these charges, a total of 84 and 40 people, respectively, were arrested. Another eight drivers were charged with underage DUI offenses. It is not known if any accidents were related to these arrests or, if so, how many might have been involved. In addition to impaired driving, over 1,900 people were cited for either civil or criminal speeding that weekend.

After a DUI arrest, Arizonans might want to reach out to a lawyer. This may help them learn about the laws, the penalties and how they may defend themselves against the charges they have been accused of.

Source:, “Arizona officials make 509 DUI arrests during St. Patrick’s Day weekend,” March 21, 2017