NFL player charged with DUI, robbery and more

It might seem that sometimes professional athletes or other celebrities are either immune from the long arm of the law or that any incidents in which they are allegedly involved become potentially bigger than they really were. When reading or hearing reports, it can often be difficult to tell which may be the case. Either way, the reality is that anyone can face criminal charges regardless of celebrity status or lack thereof.

One man who plays professional football for a team based in the midwest was recently arrested in Scottsdale and charged with a variety of criminal offenses. Reports indicate he is facing charges of driving while under the influence, resisting arrest, theft of an automobile, robbery and criminal damage. Details about his alleged blood alcohol level were not provided nor is it known if he participated in any field sobriety tests.

The defendant is accused of assaulting a transportation driver and then taking off with the vehicle after receiving services. The vehicle was later found crashed and the man himself was on the sidewalk, not on or in the vehicle. Whether the man is actually the one who crashed the vehicle or not is not particularly clear from the reports given.

After any criminal arrest, people might find it useful to talk with an attorney about their options for a defense. This may become even more important when multiple charges are involved, as in the case above.

Source: Fox59, “Police: Colts’ David Parry ‘belligerent’ toward officers after allegedly stealing cart in Arizona,” February 28, 2017