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Jury in second trial returns guilty verdict

Arizona residents who are accused of serious crimes may often find themselves going through more than one trial or set of legal steps on their defense paths. Many things may contribute to this being the case. For one man, it was a first trial that ended without the jury being able to come to a decision that led to a second trial being initiated.

What are drug schedules?

Have you ever wondered why some drug offenses seem to be considered more serious than others in Arizona? There are many factors that may contribute to what type of offense a person could be charged with when drugs are involved. One of these is the nature of the drug itself.

Agent pleads guilty to charges

Arizona residents who hear about people being charged with criminal offenses may sometimes feel that such things only happen to certain groups of people. However, the reality is that anyone may face criminal charges for a variety of reasons and this even includes people in positions of power such as law enforcement officials themselves.