Agent pleads guilty to charges

Arizona residents who hear about people being charged with criminal offenses may sometimes feel that such things only happen to certain groups of people. However, the reality is that anyone may face criminal charges for a variety of reasons and this even includes people in positions of power such as law enforcement officials themselves.

An example of this can be seen in a case involving a man who had been an agent with the border patrol service since 2001. Reports allege that in late 2015, he admitted to agreeing to transport some cocaine from the midwest to the border. He is said to have been stopped for a traffic issue and it was during the stop that the cocaine was discovered in his vehicle along with his official credentials and a weapon. Earlier that same year, the man was accused of obtaining data from a law enforcement database and selling it.

The defendant has now been convicted of drug trafficking and bribery. A judge has handed down a sentence of approximately 13 years in prison. He will also face a period of supervised release to last 60 months. Whether or not he is currently working or will ever be able to work as a border patrol agent again is unknown. The location of the prison that he will be sent to is also not known.

After being charged with serious federal crimes, defendants might find it useful to learn about their charges and potential penalties by talking with a lawyer.

Source: AZ Central, “Arizona-based Border Patrol agent convicted of bribery, drug trafficking,” Rafael Carranza, March 22, 2017