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Preparing for more DUI enforcement

As the summer season has gotten into full swing now, Arizona residents everywhere may be eagerly looking forward to the quintessential summer holiday, the Fourth of July. Whether plans involve staying local or hitting the road to a favorite lake or even another state, enjoying a beer, cocktail or glass of wine is a normal part of a holiday celebration. While this is indeed a standard practice and by no means indicates that a person has an alcohol problem, it may well open the door to legal problems if stopped by an officer when driving after consuming that beverage.

Understanding DNA analysis

Arizona residents who face criminal charges may be aware that prosecutors might be waiting for results of forensic testing to be used in their cases. Defense attorneys may also be interested in and able to make use of the results of such testing. While prosecutors may be looking for test results that support an arrest and a conviction, defense teams may be looking for test results that may help prove their clients' innocence. But, just how is a person's DNA actually tested?

Man held on $1 million bond, accused of murder

Anyone in Arizona who has ever been accused of a crime knows that once media reports become public about the events, it can be very difficult for people to feel like they have a chance at effectively defending themselves. All too often reports with very limited information are provided that make it easy for the public to essentially convict people in their minds. However, even in the face of things like this, defendants should try to stay focused on the criminal justice process and their rights.

Purpose of police video footage questioned

Many people in Arizona may be aware that police, sheriff and other members of law enforcement agencies may wear cameras on their uniforms and take video of different situations including those in which people may be or are ultimately arrested. This practice is not specific to Arizona as departments all around the nation have been putting police body camera technology to use for a while now. However, some people are beginning to question the purpose of taking these videos.

The Prenuptial Agreement You Didn't Know You Had

If you plan to promise to love, honor and cherish your partner until death do you part, the idea of making a prenuptial agreement is likely the farthest thing from your mind. In fact, if someone suggested that you and your intended sign such a contract, you may have felt insulted or even angry.

Probation violation added to list of offenses for defendant

Arizona residents who are on probation or parole may be required to wear ankle bracelets so that law enforcement officers or courts can track their locations or their comings and goings from a residence. If such an order is placed, that means anyone who fails to comply with the request may be in jeopardy of violating their parole or probation agreement. This is something that may subject a person to additional penalties.