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Enforcement Of Out-of-State Protection Orders In Arizona

It is not unusual to want to start over in a new state after a divorce or breakup with the parent of your child or children. It is difficult enough to deal with custody and other familial issues when you move, but it is even more difficult if you also have an order of protection against an abusive ex-partner or spouse. If you are moving or have moved to Arizona and you have an order of protection, contact an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your order is valid.

Three types of highly addictive prescription medications

If your doctor has suggested that you take a prescription medication, you may want to take the time to ask about the drug's side effects. In particular, you may also really want to learn about how addictive the medication may be. While the original reason for taking a drug may be legitimate, some medications can create addictions that make it difficult for people to stop using the drug. This can initiate a very negative cycle in a person's life.

What is first degree murder?

Like many Arizona residents, you may be aware that a charge for a criminal offense may be identified by different degrees such a first degree, second degree or third degree. When it comes to a charge of murder, do you really understand what first degree murder means or what acts might result in a person being accused of this level of crime? If you or someone you know is accused of first degree murder, it can be important to know this.