Are you at risk of an aggravated DUI charge?

Many people enjoy going out with friends to have a few drinks while catching up or to unwind after a long day at work. Though this activity is fairly common, individuals should still remember not to let themselves consume too much or to call someone to drive in the event that they do drink too much. However, some people may believe that they are still fine to get behind the wheel.

Even if you do not feel intoxicated, you could still end up stopped by police if your driving causes any concerns. In such a situation, an officer could place you under arrest for driving under the influence. If certain factors apply to the incident, you could face a more serious charge for aggravated DUI.

What is aggravated DUI?

In some cases, the details of a DUI stop could cause officers to feel that the situation warrants more serious charges than a standard DUI. If this occurs, you may face an aggravated DUI charge. With aggravated DUI, a higher chance exists for more severe punishments should a conviction take place than for a standard DUI charge. The law refers to these consequences as enhanced penalties.

What constitutes aggravated DUI?

In order for aggravated DUI charges to apply, the circumstances of the situation must have gone beyond those of a standard DUI stop. Certain factors that could potentially aggravate such a situation include:

  • Having an exceedingly high blood alcohol concentration level
  • Having a minor in the vehicle
  • Having multiple DUI convictions on your record
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • Traveling at excessive speeds

Other factors could also potentially aggravate this type of incident depending on state law. For example, you could possibly face an increased charge if the alleged offense occurred while driving in a school zone.

Handling an aggravated DUI charge

Because a conviction for an aggravated DUI charge can come with enhanced penalties, you certainly want to do your best to avoid such an outcome if faced with this allegation. In order to prepare, you may want to find out more information regarding this type of charge, including how particular Arizona state laws may apply. A meaningful defense could help you work toward the outcomes you desire.

Of course, handling this type of situation on your own may not seem easy, so you may wish to consider consulting with an attorney.

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