Arizona’s definition of an accomplice

Updated For 2021

Have you or has someone you know been accused of being an accomlice to an alleged crime in Arizona? Do you fully understand what this term and these charges really even mean? If not, you are far from alone. Many people may not always readily understand how they could come to be accused of aiding and abetting a supposed crime.

The Arizona State Legislature explains that you might be charged with being an accomplice if law enforcement believes or can show that you took specific actions. These actions should be able to be connected to an intent on your part to facilitate or enable some type of criminal act. Your part as the alleged accomplice might include providing the person charged with the actual crime something that helped them commit the crime. For example, if you gave someone a weapon that was used to shoot another person, you may be considered an accomplice to the shooting. If you provided a vehicle used in a getaway, that could also lead to your accusation as an accomplice.

Advising someone on any part of a planned or actual criminal act or giving someone orders to commit a criminal act may also lead you to be charged as an accomplice. Any other type of assistance or promise to provide assistance to an illegal action could also be grounds on which you are charged as an accomplice.

If you would like to learn more about the legal definitions of certain terms like accomplice in Arizona, please feel free to visit the criminal charges page of our Arizona defense website.


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