False accusations of domestic violence can jeopardize your future

Updated For 2021

Domestic violence laws overwhelmingly favor the victims, and rightly so. An abused spouse or partner may have few options for escaping a dangerous situation, so the swift and dependable response of police may mean the difference between life and death. Domestic violence victims often rely on the courts to give them the benefit of the doubt because their abusers often erode their ability to advocate for themselves.

Unfortunately, this lack of balance in the laws related to domestic violence may place you at a severe disadvantage if your spouse or partner accuses you of abuse. The courts often have a liberal interpretation of the actions that constitute domestic violence, and you may find yourself fighting to defend against charges that could negatively affect your future.

A dim future after domestic abuse accusations

Many people are aware that police may have no choice but to make an arrest when someone accuses a spouse or partner of violence. In the heat of an argument, your spouse may contact police as an overreaction or as an act of vindictiveness against you. Your spouse may benefit from your subsequent arrest, especially if you are involved in a divorce or custody case, since family court judges do not look kindly on domestic abusers. Some potential consequences you may face include:

  • You may have no choice but to leave your home immediately without an opportunity to gather your belongings or make alternative living arrangements.
  • The court may grant an order of protection, which could prevent you from having any contact with your spouse or children, even through a third party.
  • Separation from your children could have a devastating effect on your chances of obtaining custody or even maintaining a bond with them.
  • You risk losing any security clearance or keeping your military career, if this applies to you.
  • A conviction for domestic abuse may result in the loss of your job, harm to other relationships, and damage to your personal and professional reputation.

There is no time to lose if your partner has called the Arizona police with allegations that you were violent or abusive. Too much is at stake from these charges, which are difficult to defend against. Having a skilled and experienced attorney on your side as quickly as possible is a wise move and may help to minimize the damage and restore your relationship with your children.


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