Holiday drinking could put you at risk of a DUI charge

Updated For 2021

Whether you are getting together with family for Christmas or making plans with friends for New Year’s Eve, you likely have at least a couple of social gatherings to attend this month. With Christmas just around the corner and the year coming to a close, you may have many activities that you want to squeeze in before the new year.

While holiday get-togethers can be fun, it is important to remember that you should remain responsible when having fun. Particularly, you may want to ensure that you watch your alcohol consumption at any parties or other festivities you enjoy in the coming weeks.

Monitor yourself

It is important for you and everyone else to pay attention to how much you drink during this time of year. For individuals who already have a tendency to drink too much, the holiday season may give them an excuse to drink more because they are taking in more social events. Unfortunately, problem drinkers who drink even more may be at a higher risk of drinking and driving.

Even if you do not consider yourself a problem drinker and can limit yourself to a drink or two at social gatherings, you may worry about some events that you will attend this season. For example, if you do not necessarily get along well with a member of your family, you may find yourself drinking more in efforts to ease the stress or tension of the situation. While this may help you in the moment, you may not realize how intoxicated you really are.

Occasional drinking

Of course, even if you do not drink often and only do so for the holidays, you may want to remember that you likely have a low tolerance for alcohol. If friends or family offer you a few drinks and you accept, you could once again end up in a situation where alcohol has more of an effect on you than you intended.

Though your main goal of any social event is likely to have fun with friends and family, if you end up drinking too much or if an officer just suspects that you have drunk too much, you could end the evening facing a DUI charge. Authorities are on the lookout for suspicious behavior this time of year, and if an Arizona officer stops your vehicle, you may want to remember your legal rights.


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