How does a DUI charge affect your employment?

Updated For 2021

Everyone makes mistakes, but some of them come with more ramifications and consequences than others do. You probably already know that Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country, which means that you should probably take any such charge seriously.

One area that may suffer significantly is your employment. Even if driving isn’t part of your job duties, you could experience difficulties that your employer will not overlook due to the circumstances.

Your current employment

If you work in an industry or in a particular position that prohibits you from continuing to work after a criminal conviction, you could lose your job. If you are able to remain with your current employer, you may not be able to perform certain job functions due to your conviction. For example, if you have a security clearance or some other sensitive position that does not allow criminal convictions, you could lose your position or your job all together.

Obviously, if you are a truck driver, a bus driver or drive in another position that requires a commercial driver’s license, you won’t be able to work as long as your license is suspended. Even when you get it back, you may have issues with finding gainful employment.

A suspended license

In most cases, a conviction means the loss of your license for a certain amount of time. Not having a valid license makes getting to and from work a challenge. You may be able to apply for a restricted license that includes an ignition interlock device, but even that comes with additional expenses and expectations.

An insurance problem

If you drive at all as part of your work duties, your employer may no longer be able to insure you. If driving is only part of your job duties, then you may be okay. However, if you drive a lot or have a CDL, you could lose your job because you are uninsurable through your employer.

Fight for your livelihood

As you can see, the ramifications to your employment can be serious. You may be able to avoid these consequences by challenging the charges against you. Just because a police officer says that you were impaired, it doesn’t necessarily lead to a criminal conviction for DUI. You may discover that officials made certain mistakes or violated your rights, which could affect the outcome of your case.


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