Man arrested for super extreme DUI

Updated For 2021

Arizona residents who have ever been arrested for suspected drunk driving know how scary the experience can be. From the moment that flashing lights are seen in a driver’s rear-view mirror all the way through taking field sobriety tests and even being handcuffed and taken to a police station or jail, the whole process may raise many questions in a driver’s mind. What will happen next? What penalties might be faced? These are just some such questions.

The penalties that people can face may vary based upon the specific type of driving under the influence charge. One of the things that influences this is the person’s blood alcohol content level at the time of arrest. One taxi driver was recently arrested and charged with a super extreme DUI after his breath test returned an alcohol level of 0.21 percent. Reports suggest that a blood test may be relied upon for a final alcohol level. A BAC of 0.20 may result in the super extreme DUI charge but a BAC between 0.15 and 0.19 may be an extreme DUI.

The taxi is said to have hit the back of an ambulance, requiring the two emergency responders to require evaluation. One person was taken to a hospital but it is not known who that person is. The cab driver allegedly left his vehicle and his passenger in an attempt to run away from officers but was caught.

When a serious DUI charge is on the table, an Arizona driver may find it useful to get information from a lawyer to learn how to navigate the defense process.

Source:, “Suspected drunk driver in cab rear-ends ambulance in Phoenix,” Bobbi Jo Kelly and Catherine Holland, April 13, 2017


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