Man held on $1 million bond, accused of murder

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Anyone in Arizona who has ever been accused of a crime knows that once media reports become public about the events, it can be very difficult for people to feel like they have a chance at effectively defending themselves. All too often reports with very limited information are provided that make it easy for the public to essentially convict people in their minds. However, even in the face of things like this, defendants should try to stay focused on the criminal justice process and their rights.

Such is the case of one man who today has been put in jail on a $1 million bond after being accused of killing his girlfriend and the mother of his infant daughter. The arrest comes almost one month after the last time that the woman was seen or heard of. There is no conclusive information about where she may be but the theory is that she is dead and it is her boyfriend who is facing charges in the case.

Reports indicate that the woman received a call from the defendant on the last day she was seen and during that call he is alleged to have threatened to murder her. She reportedly told people she was trying to leave him and take their baby with her. Her belongings including her phone have been found at their home. Police have obtained authority to review the man’s cellphone

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may give defendants the help they need during times like these, including to avoid feeling hopeless in the face of media stories.

Source: AZ Central, “Missing Phoenix woman’s boyfriend arrested, suspected of murder; body has not been found,” BrieAnna J. Frank, June 8, 2017


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