Preparing for more DUI enforcement

Updated For 2021

As the summer season has gotten into full swing now, Arizona residents everywhere may be eagerly looking forward to the quintessential summer holiday, the Fourth of July. Whether plans involve staying local or hitting the road to a favorite lake or even another state, enjoying a beer, cocktail or glass of wine is a normal part of a holiday celebration. While this is indeed a standard practice and by no means indicates that a person has an alcohol problem, it may well open the door to legal problems if stopped by an officer when driving after consuming that beverage.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has made it be known that all across the state, enforcement of suspected driving under the influence will ramp up during the Fourth of July holiday. Because the actual holiday is on a Tuesday this year, that means the celebrations and associated enforcement can be expected to step up by the prior Saturday. Areas have been targeted based in part upon accident data from the same holiday period two years ago.

For example, parts of Interstate 10 headed out of Phoenix toward California and the stretch of Interstate 40 that runs between California and New Mexico may be locations in which Arizona state troopers might be more active over the holiday weekend.

In addition to state-led efforts, the United States Department of Transportation offers local law enforcement agencies, community organizations, municipalities and more specific marketing materials that try to highlight campaigns against drunk driving. With so much effort placed on this, it may be wise for Arizona residents to ensure that they have plans for how to get home after their holiday events to avoid a criminal arrest.


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