Probation violation added to list of offenses for defendant

Updated For 2021

Arizona residents who are on probation or parole may be required to wear ankle bracelets so that law enforcement officers or courts can track their locations or their comings and goings from a residence. If such an order is placed, that means anyone who fails to comply with the request may be in jeopardy of violating their parole or probation agreement. This is something that may subject a person to additional penalties.

That is precisely what one man that is apparently being sought by authorities may be facing if he is found by law enforcement. According to reports, the man has been accused of committing several criminal acts in as many as five different states. He is said to have been charged with identity theft, aggravated driving under the influence and the failure to register as ordered as a sex offender. He was apparently on probation although it is not known for which offense he was serving a probation sentence.

As part of his probation, he was ordered to wear a global positioning system bracelet so that officers could tell where he was at all times. While in Tempe, reports indicate that he somehow managed to cut the bracelet off of his ankle and now authorities are unsure of his whereabouts. It is not known what penalties he may be subject to if he is located.

People who are accused of multiple crimes or violations of probation may want to discuss their defense options with an experienced attorney who knows how to navigate the challenging criminal justice system.

Source: AZ Central, “Police: Arizona fugitive who cut off monitoring device sought,” BrieAnna J. Frank, May 23, 2017


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