Teen to be charged as adult for murder

Updated For 2021

Often minors who are arrested and charged with crimes are prosecuted as minors. However, in some cases in Arizona, prosecutors opt to charge a defendant as an adult regardless of age. Many factors may play into the decision to do this. This is actually the decision that has been made in a current case in Coconino County involving a defendant who is only 15 years old.

The young man faces a misdemeanor charge for attempted possession of pot as well as three felony charges. Two of the felony charges are for armed robbery and one is for murder in the first degree. The incident that led to these charges took place in early March at a recreational center in Sunnyville. It is alleged that the defendant met with two other people in a restroom in order to purchase drugs. During the meeting, the defendant is accused of killing one of the two other men by shooting him.

He has been in custody since his arrest and his current bond is set at two million dollars. The defense attorney has actually requested that this amount be lowered so that the defendant’s family may be able to afford to actually pay it. This would allow the young man to be released from custody and stay at his parents’ home until his trial date. If approved, he would wear an electronic monitor.

Talking with an attorney may be helpful to defendants to understand how best to proceed wiht a defense.

Source: AZ Daily Sun, “Motion filed to send alleged rec center shooter home pending trial,” Max Lancaster, May 11, 2017


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