Three types of highly addictive prescription medications

Updated For 2021

If your doctor has suggested that you take a prescription medication, you may want to take the time to ask about the drug’s side effects. In particular, you may also really want to learn about how addictive the medication may be. While the original reason for taking a drug may be legitimate, some medications can create addictions that make it difficult for people to stop using the drug. This can initiate a very negative cycle in a person’s life.

According to Healthline, medications often given to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may become abused because of their ability to help them stay awake and feel more alert. Ritalin and Adderall are two commonly known and used stimulants that have addictive qualities.

People who experience serious anxiety or even panic attacks may be prescribed Xanax to help them relax. This drug is known to be addictive as are valium and klonopin, two other depressants. The latter two may provide a person with a sensation similar to what is experienced after drinking alcohol. Opioids are used ideally for pain relief and are known to be highly addictive. Oxycodone and demerol are two drugs that people can all-too-easily become addicted to. They may help a person feel more relaxed as a side effect of reducing pain sensations.

If you would like to learn more about the types of criminal offenses that a person may find themselves accused of after developing a prescription drug addiction, please feel free to visit the prescription addiction page of our Arizona criminal defense website.


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