What happens if I violate my probation?

Updated For 2021

Have you been placed on probation in Arizona? Whether your probation sentence was in lieu of time in jail or prison or whether it was in addition to some period of incarceration, you will want to have a good understanding of the terms of your sentence. In particular, you should know what may happen if you break your probationary contract.

According to the Arizona State Legislature, there are two things that may happen to you if you violate your probation agreement. One of these is that the court may actually revoke your right to probation altogether. This means that you may actually be required to serve a sentence in prison or jail. If you may have two different probation agreements at one time, any time in a jail or prison may need to be served consecutively not concurrently, even though the probation sentences were able to be served concurrently.

A violation of probation may also result in you being rearrested by a probation officer. This can even happen if you are involved in a subsequent offense as well as other types of violations. It is important that you know that probation officers do not need a warrant to arrest you if you are non-compliant with the probation terms you are required to follow.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give people who are serving probation sentences in Arizona an overview of what might happen should they somehow violate the terms of their probation.


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