Renewed Emphasis on Reducing the Number of Drunk Drivers on Roadways in 2021

The Memorial Day weekend is when people start to make their summer plans. Many people get together with friends or relatives to relax and enjoy an extra long weekend. This is often a very popular time for law enforcement agencies to target those that they suspect are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drunk driving is one of the main factors behind many fatal accidents, and officials have urged greater enforcement to help reduce these numbers. The National Traffic Safety Board recently held a two-day forum to develop new approaches to eliminate drunk driving deaths on roadways.

The agency is calling for tougher penalties in place for those convicted of a DUI. The NTSB is calling for more widespread use of ignition interlocks, which it feels has greatly reduced the number of DUI-related accidents.

Arizona requires an ignition interlock for anyone convicted of a DUI, including first-time offenders. The individual is responsible for the costs of installing and monitoring the devices. The time period will range, depending upon the level of impairment and past DUI-related convictions.

But interlocks are just one potential punishment facing someone who has been convicted of a DUI. Additional penalties may include jail time, as well as high fines and the loss of a driver’s license. Those who have subsequent DUI convictions or those offenders with high blood-alcohol content may receive enhanced penalties.

A DUI conviction may also impact several other areas of a person’s life. It may make it difficult to find or keep a job, and can lead to high insurance costs. It is important to take these charges seriously, as the consequences of a conviction can last long after the case is over.

Source: The Detroit News “NTSB urges new fight against drunken driving deaths” David Shepardson, May 15, 2012

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