November 2012 Archives

Holiday DUI task force to begin in earnest

Black Friday started early this year's as most people began their holiday shopping on Thanksgiving instead of the wee hours of Friday morning. It seems fitting that holiday DUI enforcement started early as well. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Thanksgiving week is one of the deadliest during the year, with the week between Christmas and New Years' Day being a particularly dangerous time as well.

Officer found to falsify DUI arrests

Since April, the Utah Highway Patrol has been investigating one of their own for DUI and drug-related offenses, but not the way one might think. Two judges found in April that she had been committing perjury by lying on the witness stand during testimony on DUI and drug possession cases. She has also been accused of suppressing evidence. Perhaps most alarmingly, there have been a number of discrepancies between her arrest reports and the results from the labs in those cases. Four drivers she arrested on drug-related charges were found to have had no drugs in their system by the lab.

Federal appeals court considers drug reclassification petition

As the legal wrangling continues between the State of Arizona and medicinal marijuana advocates, a federal appeals court is considering whether the drug should be reclassified under federal law. The case stems from a petition filed by a medicinal marijuana group, Americans for Safe Access, that asked the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to remove the drug from the same classification that includes other dangerous and addictive substances.

Chris Brown Completes Another Probation Requirement

Singer Chris Brown was in a Los Angeles County courtroom yet again. This time he was praised by the judge as he made an appearance to document his progress on his probation requirements. Brown is in year three of a five year probation sentence stemming from his assault on then girlfriend Rihanna.