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Why it is important to have an attorney after a DUI arrest

We hope our readers are having a festive and memorable holiday season. In our previous posts, we reported on how holiday DUI enforcement would be increased until New Years' Day, and how the costs of a DUI conviction were not worth drinking and driving. We now want to remind our readers that if someone they knew or love is arrested for drunk driving in Arizona, having an attorney is a necessary defense.

The benefits of DUI courts

During the holiday season, drunk driving prevention is a central public safety focus in Arizona. Commercials warning of the legal (and physical) dangers of drunk driving will be seen by millions of viewers between now and New Years' Day, and additional patrols will be made to catch drunk drivers.

Costs of drunk driving not worth the chance

Much is said about the dangers of drunk driving in Arizona, especially how the chances of being in a car accident increases when driving drunk. We have also reported on the increase in DUI enforcement during the holidays, as more officers (through various DUI task forces) will take to the streets between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on weekend evenings.

Tennis line judge's murder charges dropped

The U.S. Open line judge accused of killing her husband with a coffee mug is now free after Los Angeles County prosecutors dropped their murder charges against her. 70-year-old Lois Goodman was initially charged with bludgeoning her late husband, 80-year-old Alan Goodman days before she was to officiate the U.S. Open in August. The story made headlines when she was arrested in her officiating uniform and held at Rikers Island before initially being freed on bond.