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Drunk driver crashes into marsh

There are some drunk driving stories that are funny and entertaining. Last week we described a driver in Chandler who fell asleep behind the wheel at an intersection. While these stories may be classic "what were you thinking moments," they may be indicative of deeper problems that must be resolved.

Chandler man suspected of DUI after falling asleep at intersection

Chandler police arrested a man on suspicion of extreme DUI after he was found asleep in his car at an intersection. According to a report on AZcentral.com, officers were alerted to a car that was not moving at the corner of Galveston Street and Arizona Avenue. When officers arrived on the scene, the man was unconscious and the engine was running. Witnesses indicated that the car had been at the intersection for more than 20 minutes before police arrived.

Report says immigration leads law federal law enforcement spending

If there is one facet of immigration reform that has not been discussed in earnest, it is the costs associated with enforcing immigration laws. Given the spending cuts that will inevitably have to come about (even though Congress recently avoided the fiscal cliff) it is likely that spending changes will be reflected as the Obama Administration continues to make changes regarding immigration.

Breathalyzer kiosks may reduce DUIs in Arizona

In our last post we discussed how the potential for drunk driving arrests increases during the holiday season, as law enforcement agencies are under a mandate to reduce (and prevent) fatalities stemming from alcohol related accidents. We expect that many will heed our advice and use designated drivers. Others will be equally as diligent, but may get behind the wheel while legally impaired, even though they may not feel drunk (or even buzzed).