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Arizona eyewitness testimony is not always reliable

Law enforcement throughout Arizona often relies on the testimony of eyewitnesses as evidence during criminal investigations and criminal trials. Historically, statements from eyewitnesses have been considered one of the most reliable sources of proof. Research shows, however, that the opposite is true. In fact, misidentifications by eyewitnesses are the leading factor in wrongful convictions that are overturned through DNA testing, according to the Innocence Project.

Phoenix man charged with assault after fight at apartment complex

Sometimes, people who are trying to defend themselves or others end up involved in physical altercations. Although they may have been trying to do the right thing, they could still face assault charges. Since such charges are considered a serious criminal offense in the state of Arizona, a conviction could result in severe consequences.

Understanding drunk driving penalties in the state of Arizona

Being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving can be an unnerving experience for people in Phoenix, and elsewhere. The severity of the situation is often only enhanced when those facing DUI charges become aware of the penalties they could face if convicted. In Arizona, and throughout the U.S., drinking and driving is generally considered a serious offense. As such, DUI convictions generally carry a range of serious consequences.