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Al Michaels arrested for DUI

Most DUI stories are about the extremes; people arrested for causing car accidents while intoxicated, or celebrities arrested in Arizona after hopelessly failing sobriety tests. However, what happened to sportscaster Al Michaels was out of the ordinary and raises an important discussion about the role of a criminal defense attorney after a drunk driving arrest.

Brewers' pitcher charged with drunk driving

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo was recently arrested on drunk driving charges. According to authorities, Gallardo was seen weaving between lanes and driving very slowly (about 40 mph in a 55 mph speed limit zone). He was stopped just after 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The Brewers were idle on Monday.

Titans wide receiver acquitted at trial

Since Roger Goodell took over as commissioner of the National Football League, off-the-field misconduct has been a major issue that he has sought to address. Specifically, players can be suspended for drunk driving arrests, even before they have an opportunity to present their case in court.

UAPD to focus on DUI violations

Spring has sprung in Tucson, and the area is a popular destination not only for college students on spring break, but also for baseball fans enjoying spring training games, and for basketball fans swept into March Madness. Combine these with St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and all of these events set the background for excessive drinking.

Joke about "drunk Indians" offends Navajo Nation

We tend to stay away from stories about celebrities behaving badly. Many of those stories fall in the category of "what were you thinking?" and do not give our readers useful information about drunk driving in Arizona. However, they occasionally provide readers with unique insight into how the law is applied indiscriminately across all citizens.

Drivers can be prosecuted for marijuana DUI without being high

The implementation of Arizona's medicinal marijuana use law has seen plenty of controversy. Since the law was approved by voters in 2010, state and county authorities have resisted it in court; most notably by saying that they would be in violation of federal law, which still lists marijuana as an illegal substance.

Common DUIs in Arizona

It is common to report on sensational stories about drunk driving. It makes for interesting media fodder, and we are certainly not immune to these reports. Readers who have followed our blog have learned about drivers who have fallen asleep at stop signs, crashed into ponds, and posted their exploits on Facebook.