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Enforcement Of Out-of-State Protection Orders In Arizona

It is not unusual to want to start over in a new state after a divorce or breakup with the parent of your child or children. It is difficult enough to deal with custody and other familial issues when you move, but it is even more difficult if you also have an order of protection against an abusive ex-partner or spouse. If you are moving or have moved to Arizona and you have an order of protection, contact an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your order is valid.

Enforcement of Parenting Time In Arizona

Parenting time refers to the amount of time the non-custodial parent spends with the child. Disputes regarding parenting time often develop when parents ask the court for a divorce. If the two individuals are not able to reach an agreement in terms of parenting time, the court must make the decision. Generally, the court considers a number of factors when making its decision. Considerations include the child's age and health, the available time each parent has away from work and other commitments, as well as the child's school schedule, the living accommodations in the two homes and the distance between the homes. In all of these cases, the child's best interests are the overriding factor the court considers when making its decision.

Divorce worries: Cost vs. Loss

Out of all the things that one must worry about in relation to a divorce, cost is the highest ranked. Yes, that's right, cost. A recent survey performed by Avvo, a legal website, surveyed approximately 900 people and discovered that the cost of a divorce was the biggest worry among the couples involved.

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