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Options for child support enforcement in Arizona

If you're an Arizona parent facing serious challenges regarding obtaining child support for your children after a divorce, you are not alone. In fact, numerous government website pages publicize photographs and information about parents deemed negligent in their child support obligations. These types of programs exist to help locate delinquent payors to bring them to justice when warranted.

Support your kids by enforcing their child support agreement

As a single parent, getting the support owed to you likely plays a considerable role in your ability to meet the needs of your children. You may have believed that because child support agreements legally bind the parties involved, your ex-spouse would comply with the agreement terms. Unfortunately, you may have found yourself in a situation in which your court-ordered and necessary payments have gone unpaid.

Child Support Enforcement in Arizona

If your child's other parent is not paying his or her child support, Arizona law offers several enforcement remedies. Even if the other parent is undergoing financial difficulties, that does not mean they can stop paying child support. Under Arizona law, child support supersedes any other type of debt.

Divorce worries: Cost vs. Loss

Out of all the things that one must worry about in relation to a divorce, cost is the highest ranked. Yes, that's right, cost. A recent survey performed by Avvo, a legal website, surveyed approximately 900 people and discovered that the cost of a divorce was the biggest worry among the couples involved.

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