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What is first degree murder?

Like many Arizona residents, you may be aware that a charge for a criminal offense may be identified by different degrees such a first degree, second degree or third degree. When it comes to a charge of murder, do you really understand what first degree murder means or what acts might result in a person being accused of this level of crime? If you or someone you know is accused of first degree murder, it can be important to know this.

Understanding DNA analysis

Arizona residents who face criminal charges may be aware that prosecutors might be waiting for results of forensic testing to be used in their cases. Defense attorneys may also be interested in and able to make use of the results of such testing. While prosecutors may be looking for test results that support an arrest and a conviction, defense teams may be looking for test results that may help prove their clients' innocence. But, just how is a person's DNA actually tested?

Man held on $1 million bond, accused of murder

Anyone in Arizona who has ever been accused of a crime knows that once media reports become public about the events, it can be very difficult for people to feel like they have a chance at effectively defending themselves. All too often reports with very limited information are provided that make it easy for the public to essentially convict people in their minds. However, even in the face of things like this, defendants should try to stay focused on the criminal justice process and their rights.

Teen to be charged as adult for murder

Often minors who are arrested and charged with crimes are prosecuted as minors. However, in some cases in Arizona, prosecutors opt to charge a defendant as an adult regardless of age. Many factors may play into the decision to do this. This is actually the decision that has been made in a current case in Coconino County involving a defendant who is only 15 years old.

Arizona's definition of an accomplice

Have you or has someone you know been accused of being an accomlice to an alleged crime in Arizona? Do you fully understand what this term and these charges really even mean? If not, you are far from alone. Many people may not always readily understand how they could come to be accused of aiding and abetting a supposed crime.

Jury in second trial returns guilty verdict

Arizona residents who are accused of serious crimes may often find themselves going through more than one trial or set of legal steps on their defense paths. Many things may contribute to this being the case. For one man, it was a first trial that ended without the jury being able to come to a decision that led to a second trial being initiated.

Manslaughter charges in Arizona

Have you ever wondered what might lead a person to be charged with manslaughter in Arizona or how a manslaughter charge might differ from a murder charge? You are likely not alone and if you or someone you know faces these charges, it will be helpful to understand them.

Man held on $500,000 bond in suspected murder case

When arrested and charged with a crime in Arizona, defendants have the right to understand the charges against them and the evidence used that led to those charges. These are some of the details that may not be available or released in public reports that appear in the media. This is part of how the public can often be led by the media to draw conclusions about cases or defendants that may not always be true.

Woman to appeal life sentence after evidence not allowe

Nobody in Arizona wants to be convicted of a serious crime and then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. As bad as this can be, when it happens after essential evidence is not allowed to be included in the trial, it can be even harder to accept.

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