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What right does the Second Amendment give?

Like all of the other states in the nation, Arizona has laws that govern who can own guns and even where guns may be used. However, laws may not always be black-and-white as some subjectivity may come into play. This may perhaps best seen even in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Understanding this can give valuable insight into how and why gun control has come to be such a controversial topic today.

Destruction of weapons subject of state lawsuit

Arizona residents who are arrested and charged with crimes involving weapons no doubt have a lot of questions in their minds. What types of penalties might result from a charge? What are the ways to defend against any charges? Will I have a criminal record? In addition, people might wonder what will happen to their guns that were involved in the alleged acts.

Misconduct involving weapons in Arizona

While our nation's and state's laws protect your right to own guns or other weapons, there do remain laws that govern when and where you may have or use weapons in Arizona. Without proper understanding of the law, it may be easy for you to inadvertantly be in violation of a law and even be charged with misconduct involving weapons. Following are a few things that may result in this type of charge.

Woman arrested for second time in two months

Many people who are arrested for and charged with drug offenses in Arizona can face a challenging road. If nothing else, reports from the media generally offer very few details and the ones that are provided can tend to cast a very negative light on defendants. This does not always accurately reflect the reality of a situation.

38 arrested, 12 still sought in alleged drug-related crime ring

Upon being arrested and charged with any type of crime, especially a felony crime, residents in Arizona may well feel scared and unsure of what to expect. While difficult, it is important to keep in mind that being arrested does not guarantee that a person will ultimately be convicted.

Prohibited possession of a weapon in Arizona

The United States Constitution provides people the right to possess firearms for the purpose of protecting themselves. Arizona law provides clarification on when and where guns may be legally carried or fired in the state. It also outlines who may possess firearms in the state. There are some instances where a person may not be legally allowed to have a gun.

Terrorist charges levied against 18-year-old

As the number of suspected terrorist attacks worldwide continue to grow, it is understandable for Arizona residents to be concerned about the danger and tragedy associated with these events. However, as with any criminal allegation, it is important for people to remember that not every accused person is actually guilty. An essential tenet of American law is that every defendant deserves a proper criminal defense.

Where can I carry or fire a gun in Arizona?

Arizona residents know that the U.S. Constitution protects their rights to bear arms. However, even with that protection in place, there are laws that do restrict who can carry a gun in Arizona and also when and where a person may have a gun. Understanding this is important to avoid being charged with a weapons crime unnecessarily.

Arizona statutes define limits to gun ownership and use

Whether they are used for recreation, to provide protection or for employment, firearms are an important part of life for many Arizona residents. Even when a person has followed the law in the acquisition of a gun, there are other regulations that must be followed. The Arizona State Legislature explains limitations to gun ownership and use in statute 13-3102, and understanding these is helpful in avoiding gun charges.

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