Resolving High-Conflict Child Custody Matters in Arizona

With any divorce or child custody proceeding involving one or more children, it is important for parents to act in the best interests of their children. Unfortunately, many custody cases quickly escalate into a situation where parents are unable to agree on anything. In these types of situations, children are truly the ones with the most to lose. Instead of focusing on the children, some parents focus their energy and getting back against the other parent.

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Diffusing High-Conflict Custody Situations

Our ultimate goal is to protect the best interests of children in divorce cases. We believe that hurling unfounded allegations and withdrawing from the process benefit no one. We use a variety of tactics to achieve successful outcomes for our clients in these cases, including working closely with custody evaluators or holding a parenting conference. While things may seem hopeless now, you can rely on us to help you tone down the tension in your situation and arrive at a solution that protects your parental rights.

Learn More About Child Custody in Arizona

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