Understand Visitation Rights and Custody in Arizona

The state of Arizona recognizes a parent’s right to visitation rights with his or her child. In most divorces, however, issues of visitation rights and child custody are highly disputed issues. When parents can agree to a parenting plan and a schedule for visitation, it can often make the process easier and less time consuming.

The Phoenix attorneys at The Baker Law Firm, LLC are experienced at dealing with family law issues, including child custody, parenting time and visitation rights. When cooperation is possible, our lawyers can assist you in arriving at an amicable agreement that will protect your children and your rights as a parent. When going to court is necessary, we will strongly advocate for your interests.

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Determining Visitation Rights in a Divorce

While every family court judge will use the best interests of the child as the overwhelming standard in determining parenting time and visitation rights, other factors are often considered as well, including:

  • Where the parents live and how far apart they live from one another
  • Job schedules
  • Relationship between each parent and child
  • Available time each parent has to spend with the child
  • Special needs that a child has, such as daily medical care
  • If a parent has prior criminal convictions or issues with drug/alcohol abuse

When determining visitation rights and parenting time, other issues such as scheduling, communication and travel must be addressed as well. If one parent does not comply with the parenting time agreement, the other parent has a number of potential legal remedies to enforce the terms of the agreement.

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