Experienced Phoenix Child Support Attorneys

When you are going through a divorce or a child custody dispute, it is important that your children still receive the support they need for their basic needs and care. It is important for parents to have reasonable expectations of the amount of child support they will receive or pay.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the child support guidelines in Arizona and the formula that is used to calculate child support payments. Our attorneys will help you understand all of the factors that go into these calculations and what you can expect going forward.

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Factors in Child Support Calculations

When determining child support, family courts in Arizona may consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Income of both parties
  • Number of children
  • Amount of parenting time for non-custodial parent
  • Day care expenses
  • Medical insurance costs
  • Other expenses, including special needs of the children

Our attorneys will help you ensure that all of your information, and the information presented by your spouse, is accurate. If inaccurate numbers are plugged into a child support formula, it can significantly affect the amount of support that is paid or received.

Our firm also represents mothers and fathers in modifications and child support enforcement proceedings.

Post Divorce Child Support in Arizona

If you are going through a divorce and are dealing with issues of child support, you need honest answers and experienced representation to protect the best interests of you and your child. Contact The Baker Law Firm, LLC to learn more information at an initial consultation. Call our Phoenix office at 602-842-0359 to schedule an appointment.