Post-Decree Modifications Process

Located in Phoenix, The Baker Law Firm, LLC firm assists clients throughout Arizona in modifying existing child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support orders. We understand that situations in life change. Family law attorney Michael Baker, will help ensure your divorce, child custody, child support, and separation orders reflect those changes and continue to benefit you and/or your children.

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When Can You Modify an Agreement?

In Arizona, generally a person cannot modify an existing court agreement until one year has lapsed from the time of the original order. In addition, there must have been a significant change in circumstances for a parent or child, including:

  • Change in work schedules
  • Loss of job
  • Relocating out of state
  • Parent is no longer fit to care for a child
  • Child is older and wishes to spend more, or less time with a parent
  • Child care is no longer available

These modifications can be made by simple consent. However, it is important that you hire an attorney to make the modification legal. Failing to do so may lead to unnecessary complications down the road. As an experienced modifications lawyer, Mr. Baker will make sure the changes reflect the best interest of the parties involved, and that they are documented through a new court order.

Changing the Agreement

Modifying an existing agreement can be as simple as signing a new document. Family law attorney Michael Baker will discuss the situation with his client and the opposing party to draft a new agreement that reflects the changes. If the other party does not agree on revising the agreement, Mr. Baker will zealously advocate on behalf of his client in a modification hearing.

Mr. Baker can help secure a new court order that serves the best interests of his clients and/or their children. He uses his experience and skills to work effectively with all the parties involved and make the necessary revisions with as little conflict as possible.

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