Arizona Criminal Penalties

If you are facing criminal charges in Arizona, you could face a wide variety of potential penalties if you are found guilty, based on whether your case is a felony or misdemeanor and whether you are facing charges at the state or federal level. Arizona has some of the toughest criminal penalties in the nation.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC in Phoenix, attorney Michael Baker understands the intricacies of Arizona’s sentencing guidelines as well as the federal sentencing guidelines. He is a former public defender who believes that everyone deserves the best possible criminal defense regardless of the charges they are facing.

Criminal Penalties in Arizona

Whether you are charged with a drug crime, drunk driving, domestic violence or any other crime, you can rely on our attorneys to protect your rights and hold the prosecution to its burden of proof.

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We are committed to doing everything in our power to lessen the impact of criminal charges on our clients, including seeking reduced penalties where plea bargains are appropriate.

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