Understand the Arizona Divorce Process

If you are faced with a divorce or you are considering one, it is important to know what the process is like and what you can expect along the way. Divorce can be complex, but, with an experienced attorney, it can be streamlined as much as possible and you can feel confident about your best interests being protected.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, in Phoenix, we can explain the divorce process and how your life could be impacted after everything has settled. If you have made the decision to end your marriage, talk with us about your situation and get answers to all of your questions. Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with divorce in Arizona, including child support and custody.

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Know Your Rights in Arizona Divorce

While every case is different, there are general steps you can expect in the divorce process.

1. Gather important documents describing your finances, business assets and other assets. The division of debts and assets is an important piece of the divorce process.

2. File a divorce petition, which is the first legal step in the process. One spouse files the petition, regardless of whether the decision is mutual. If children are involved, a temporary order of support and custody must also be filed. It is our advice that if you are considering moving forward with a divorce, that being the petitioner, or first to file is advantageous.

3. A proof of service of process should be filed by the spouse who filed for divorce and a response to the petition is filed by the spouse who did not originally file. This response can dispute the divorce and defend against any points made in the petition.

4. Disputes and disagreements are negotiated, and, when topics cannot be resolved amicably, those issues go to court to be resolved.

5. An order of dissolution finalizes the divorce and the related topics of property division, support and custody. The judge will finalize this order after both parties have agreed.

Let Us Guide You Through the Process

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