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Learn About Legal Separation in Contrast to Divorce

For couples who are considering divorce, the option of legal separation is one that some couples may wish to explore as an alternative. In the state of Arizona, legal separation and divorce are very similar and have similar requirements. Issues of child custody, child support and spousal support still need to be settled.

The most significant difference between divorce and separation is that since each spouse is not restored to the status of a single person, the couple does not have to remarry if they choose to stay together.

At The Baker Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona, our experienced family law attorneys can help clients protect their rights and achieve their objectives in divorce or legal separation. Despite their similarities, legal separation may provide a better option for some couples, especially those with religious restrictions or health insurance concerns.

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More Information About Legal Separation

Whether you are attempting to obtain a legal separation or divorce, the process begins with the filing of an initial petition with the Superior Court. The initial petition must be served on the other spouse. Upon service, that spouse has the ability to respond. Issues must be resolved either with a settlement agreement or through a court order from a family court judge.

At any time after the legal separation goes into effect, the couple may file for divorce. Since Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, there do not have to be grounds in order to file for divorce. For many couples, legal separation is a precursor to divorce. It is still important for both parties to protect their rights and interests by hiring an experienced lawyer.

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