Arizona Divorce and Foreclosure Lawyers

There is no easy time to deal with a divorce and all of the complex issues that it can bring with it, such as child custody, child support and property division. In some cases, however, a divorce can suddenly create a difficult financial situation, especially for the spouse with lower income. Suddenly, that spouse can find him or herself dealing with debts and the threat of home foreclosure.

If you are faced with the prospect of divorce, and you are worried about losing your home, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced attorney. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, in Phoenix, our lawyers can help you find the remedies that you need to stay above water, while seeking financial support from your ex-spouse to help save your house.

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Real Estate Equity and Foreclosure in Arizona

Given the current economic climate in Arizona and the falling value of home prices, there have been a substantial amount of foreclosures in the state. When you are facing foreclosure and you are worried about saving your home, it is important to act quickly to gather all applicable documents and request financial help from your spouse.

It is also important to hire an attorney. In Arizona, it may also be possible to obtain a court order to help pay for attorneys’ fees.

Talk With Our Divorce Firm About Saving Your Home

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