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Given the amount of marital stress that is faced by couples who have to deal with the events of wartime, relocation and other matters involving the Armed Forces, it is unfortunately not surprising that many of these couples pursue divorce as an option for their marriages. Military divorce involves many additional complex issues and legal rights that must be taken into account to complete the process successfully.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, in Phoenix, we understand the family law issues that military service people and their spouses must deal with before, during and after divorce. The rights of each spouse must be protected, including their rights to property division, child custody and child support. Divorce is already complex and it is even more important to work with an experienced divorce attorney when a military divorce is involved.

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Arizona Military Divorce Attorneys

Military service people have a number of special legal rights that may come into play during the divorce process, including:

  • The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act, which allows for the suspension of legal proceedings in order to protect service persons during their terms of service
  • Military retirement pay that has been waived in order to receive veterans’ disability payments is exempt from distribution as marital property
  • Survivor Benefit Plans allow military retirees to provide annuities to former spouses
  • Service members can exclude a portion of retirement benefits by converting them to disability payments

These and other issues may come into play during a military divorce. Our firm supports member of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines — as well as military spouses — in divorce and other family law matters.

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