When You Are Charged In Phoenix With A Drug Crime

It is a chilling experience to be charged with any drug offense. The odds of losing your freedom and harming your future are very high. So you need a criminal defense law firm with the brainpower and the experience to protect you from the harsh extremes of the law.

The Baker Law Firm, LLC defends clients charged with drug crimes throughout the Phoenix metro area and all over Arizona. Michael Baker himself is a former public defender with broad knowledge of state and federal drug and narcotic laws. He knows full well how state and federal mandatory sentencing guidelines can impact your future. Mr. Baker is known for providing uncompromising representation in drug cases.

Experienced In Defending Against Every Kind Of Drug Charge

There is no area of drug defense in which Mr. Baker is not experienced. This includes:

  • Possession. We defend clients charged with possession of cocaine, meth, crack, cocaine, heroin, narcotics and other drugs, including prescription drugs like OxyContin (oxycodone), and drug paraphernalia.
  • Distribution and trafficking. We defend against charges of selling or distributing any of the above drugs, as well as conspiracy to distribute or sell.
  • Prescription fraud. We represent clients accused of illegal schemes and artifices as well as prosecutions under the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and Racketeering statutes. Offenses include fraudulent prescriptions, forged prescriptions, and prescription shopping (attempting to fill legitimate prescriptions filled at multiple pharmacies).
  • Manufacturing. This includes growing and cultivating marijuana and other illegal drug crops, along with operating meth labs or meth houses.

Attorney Michael Baker will defend you assertively, safeguarding your constitutional rights. He is known throughout the court system as a tough criminal defense attorney who holds prosecutors to show conclusive proof.

To learn more about state or federal drug laws, or to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your situation, call us at 602-842-0359 or email our office using this contact form.   Be assured of one thing: our lawyers will fight hard for you.