Aggravated & Felony DUI Defense

In the state of Arizona, a conviction for any DUI offense can carry severe consequences that can last a lifetime. For a charge of an aggravated DUI, these consequences may be even greater. One lapse in judgment and you could face jail time, the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges and a permanent criminal record.

At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys provide experienced criminal defense for those who have been arrested for DUI offenses in Arizona. Our lawyers may be able to help you hold onto your license, keep you out of jail and reduce the long term impact that your arrest has on your future. At every step of the process, you will have an advocate looking out for your best interests.

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Aggravated Drunk Driving Convictions

There are three reasons why a DUI or DWI charge could be considered aggravated:

  • When the driver has a suspended license
  • When the driver has two or more DUI convictions within the past seven years
  • When a minor younger than 15 years is in the vehicle

Other circumstances, such as an accident that causes death or serious bodily injury, can also result in an aggravated DUI charge.

If you are convicted of an aggravated DUI, you could be facing a minimum of four months in prison. This can be scary for parents who have had a few drinks while at a dinner party with their children or in other circumstances where simply errors in judgment lead to serious felony charges.

Learn More About Aggravated DUI Defense

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