Defend Yourself Against Breath and Blood DUI Tests

In order to secure DUI convictions against drivers, law enforcement officials will frequently use breath and blood tests to prove intoxication. Breath tests and blood tests are supposed to determine the amount of alcohol in a person’s system. Unfortunately, human error, faulty machinery and other problems can cause these tests to be very unreliable.

If you have been arrested for a DUI based off of a breath or a blood test, you may be able to challenge the results of the test and protect your rights in the process. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our experienced lawyers are familiar with many of the errors and issues that arise during blood and breath tests. When your rights have been compromised by bad testing, we will vigorously stand up for your best interests.

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Breath and Blood Test Issues During DUI Arrests

In the state of Arizona and all over the country, breath testing devices are being phased out by police departments who are beginning to understand their unreliability. Departments with small budgets or who simply do not want to change their system of testing BAC for drivers continue to use breath tests during DUI arrests. Breathalyzers, Intoxilyzers and other machines used for breath tests often provide inaccurate results caused by machine error, human error and poor maintenance.

In theory, blood tests are more reliable than breath tests. In practice, however, it is easy for a person performing the test to draw the sample improperly, contaminate the sample or make errors in the labeling and storage of blood samples. Police officers and lab technicians must closely follow certain procedures when gathering and storing evidence.

Learn More About Breath and Blood Test Errors

Every year, drivers are wrongly convicted of DUI and related offenses in Arizona as the result of improper breath and blood testing. Knowing how to look for common errors is important. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys have the experience to provide a skilled defense to your drunk driving charges. Contact us for a consultation by calling 602-842-0359 .