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A high percentage of criminal charges are the result of traffic stops, many of which are conducted without the required “reasonable suspicion or probable cause” the constitutional requirements in order for a stop on a car anywhere in the United States. The Baker Law Firm, LLC understands the consequences you face if convicted of drug or other charges based on an unlawful vehicle stop, whether that is DUI, drug possession, theft or another crime. We can help protect your rights and freedom.

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Challenging Police Testimony

The police use any means to justify a stop, such as a crooked license plate, a broken tail light, moving violations or speeding. Because Arizona does not require police officers to video record traffic stops, it is often your word against theirs take out in court. An experienced Arizona defense lawyer and former public defender, Mr. Baker has a wealth of knowledge and experience challenging traffic stops. He prevents prosecutors from establishing their burden of proof to convict by having the Court declare that the traffic stop was illegal in the first place.

Mr. Baker has a reputation for providing tough, yet honest criminal defense. He will protect your constitutional rights, including freedom from illegal search and seizure. If your criminal charge was based on a questionable traffic stop, Mr. Baker will file a motion to suppress the evidence and will work hard to dismiss your case.

Mr. Baker has successfully challenged traffic stops leading to criminal charges such as:

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