Felony Criminal Defense in Phoenix, Arizona

In the state of Arizona, unlawful flight can be charged when a driver attempts to flee from a police officer who is pursuing the vehicle. This is true whether the police officer was attempting to pull over a vehicle on suspicion of a serious crime or for a simple broken taillight. In many cases, people who are charged with unlawful flight were not trying to flee the police. In fact, many charges of unlawful flight occur simply because the driver did not pull over fast enough for the liking of the individual officer.

The lawyers at The Baker Law Firm, LLC can provide experienced representation for those charged with unlawful flight and other felony vehicular crimes in Arizona. These crimes carry severe penalties and have the potential to negatively affect your life for years into the future. Do not let an error in judgment or a simple mistake change your life without first talking with an experienced attorney about your options.

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Defend Charges of Unlawful Flight

In many alleged cases of unlawful fight, the accused driver had no willful intent to elude the police. There are many reasons why a person would not immediately pull over for the police. A driver may have loud music on, or may be confused about whether the police are trying to pull over their vehicle or another vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, police officers do not always see it this way and will add fleeing charges even when there was no intent to avoid police.

Unlawful flight is a felony in Arizona, however, and is prosecuted aggressively, due to the danger that police chases can pose for other vehicles on the road. This should not mean, however, that innocent drivers should have to live with a felony conviction as a result. With so much at stake, our firm will thoroughly investigate your case and build a strong defense for your charges.

Committed Criminal Law Attorneys for Vehicular Offenses

If you have been charged with unlawful flight in Arizona, it is critical that you have an attorney who will provide a skilled and knowledgeable defense for your rights. The Baker Law Firm, LLC will seek to reduce the charges, or have them dismissed. The first step is to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case with us. Call us at 602-842-0359 .